Fashion capsule collection

Photography Niccolò Parsenziani
Styling Andrea Sestili

Continuing the theme of “Wrong Architecture”, we wanted to create a post apocalyptic scenario that leads to the extremes of the lack of communication of the digital and that sees human beings as “wrong”.
From this world we have extracted “Distopia”, a collection whose fabrics are themselves inconsistent, losing the typical qualities of the materials they are made of (like a wool that is muslin and therefore light and transparent or like a coated cotton popeline that it goes on becoming heavier and not transpiring).
Even in the garment of the garments the selvedges are left as far as possible to make up the fabric itself, so that the clothes are as versatile as possible, dismountable or wearable in different ways. Dystopia is the place from which we should escape, but paradoxically it is the place where we find ourselves.