Photography Alexo Athanasios
Copy Robin Bosio

Series of “dossier of reality”, attempts of the storage of the “natural world” in a code-source programmable, but above all playable.
In a reality, potentially not-reality, regulated and defined by equations, proportion and other complexed mathematical formulas results plausible having every element in the right mode and number according to the production design. The terms one and singular lose their value in a “perceptible world” to regain it, exponentially amplified, in its intelligibility. Individual’s multiplicity and plurality justify this enhancement. Not archetype anymore but codes-source.
The architect can freely dispose of these Archetype for every single “impression” : planning, experimenting, formatting and rewrite a new production design. A reality, after all, illegible in its essence and truthiness to our mind and our eyes; ss we  cannot understand anything more than what’s at our disposal.