Photography – Video

198 photos of landscapes. 

Unknown environment , textile textures,  alien subjects make out of these photographic series the representation of a reality , after all, unreadable in its essence and truthiness to our mind and our eyes. The forgiveness of control and a freedom, just fictitious, that we seek in the choice of the subject, exposure, framing or any other action that we consider our own. Limitations that emerge exponentially in these shots, subject to the reality that surrounds us. I think to capture nothing more that has been made available.

The curtain closes, new act, new set design, new subjects. Environments that we portray, which spectators are looking to preserve a moment. Arrogant laboratory cavities unable to recognize being an integral part of this set design, of this labyrinth.

Applause. The curtain is closed again, new work, new act. We go back to the big wheel “freely deciding” what to do with this latest set design.