Fashion capsule collection

Within a hypothetical tower of Babel, where linguistic differences are synonymous with cultural and social differences, there is no communication, and even if there were we would talk about stuff unknown to the other. Our research subject is incommunicability; our intent is to recreate a solitary and silent world, where the subjects who live there are silent and lacking in gestures (expressed in the fashion world by covered mouths, sleeves longer than necessary to hide their hands, and sometimes covered eyes), sexuality is absent and the bodies go into the background under wide and heavy jackets. 
Paradoxically, communication is also incommunicable. Our opinion is the images that most effectively express the concept of “incommunicability” are wrong architectures, anonymous scales that do not know where they go and where they arrive, voiceless doors that do not say on what world they open and if they open, a game of almost surreal references of the incommunicability that communicates, like a game of mirrors reflecting each other, mirrors that show the observer watching them, people who hide behind mirrors to disguise themselves and deceive themselves of being observed by the observer.
In all this desolation and silence, the only hope is given by Esperanto, an artificial language made up of different languages, which could enable us to communicate throughout the world as a global languages.