Design capsule collection

Photography Nicola Grigis
Collaboration Davide Tacchini
Copy Robin Bosio

Fragments of different animals enclosed in urns, caskets ,modular totem made of borosilicate glass and brass.
Series of handworks dealing with the concept of death, reminiscence, preservation and storage of feelings. The need (compulsion) ,almost pathologic, of not leaving behind, the necessity to pay tribute, preserving the limbs glorifying and praising them as godlike.
These self conscious obligations towards the preservation and manifestation of these feelings develop into not just simples members but the creation of proper reliquaries. Accumulation , gathering, storaging of remains as holders of memories and emotions related to those parts.
legitimate materialistic and sensitive suspensions chronologically disconnected from space and remembrance. The divine aspect ,hiding beyond the owner’s thoughts, displays in all its mighty. An emotional and felt pilgrimage inside the holder’s memories, a tribute to the body.